Monaco Grand Prix 2013 Attended by Source Marketing Direct’s MD, Hector Montalvo

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 28th May 2013
Monaco Grand Prix 2013 Attended by Source Marketing Direct’s MD, Hector Montalvo

Source Marketing Direct MD Hector Montalvo attended the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend for the second straight year to meet with clients. Montalvo and select partners flew out on Thursday to discuss strategies with clients and enjoy some R&R by the racetrack.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most hotly anticipated events in the Formula One calendar. The race has been running since 1929 and is considered one of the most demanding and dangerous Formula One tracks in the world. The Monaco Grand Prix is a prestigious event, attracting rich and famous visitors from around the world to its scenery, Mediterranean climate and exclusive parties. Source Marketing Direct managing director Hector Montalvo explains that the choice of the Monaco Grand Prix was down to him and several of Source Marketing Direct’s clients’ shared love for Formula One: “It’s great to find common ground with clients, and events such as this allow us to build stronger professional relationships – which help all parties concerned. Also, as business owner you really are working 24-7, so it’s nice to occasionally mix business with entertainment, and swap the grey skies of London for a sunnier climate for one weekend!”

Hector Montalvo and Source Marketing Direct representatives were in Monaco to discuss 2014 strategy planning with clients. “Source Marketing Direct has achieved a lot in the last 12 months; we have increased profits quarter on quarter and signed a new media client. It’s important to sit with the clients and take time to devise a watertight strategy to ensure we have direction for the year ahead. When a company such as ours is growing at such a rapid pace it is essential to manage that growth to optimise ROI for our clients,” explained Hector Montalvo, managing director at Source Marketing Direct. Thursday, Friday and Monday were mainly concerned with meetings whilst the racing took centre stage on Saturday and Sunday. Hector Montalvo and associates enjoyed the view of the racetrack from a yacht, while the social event of the long weekend was attending a private function with Eddie Jordan and the Ferrari racing team on the Monday evening following the race. Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct enthused: “It was fantastic to meet my Formula One heroes in person. The amount of work ethic, dedication and skill required to become a driver is simply awe-inspiring, and something that resonates for me as a business owner. You have to have that competitiveness, drive and passion to succeed in business and meeting the drivers in person really drove that message home.”

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