Campaign Review Reveals Source Marketing Direct Growth Ahead of Schedule

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 13th March 2013
Campaign Review Reveals Source Marketing Direct Growth Ahead of Schedule

Source Marketing Direct attended a quarterly campaign meeting to review results from their newly upscaled reporting processes.

Each brand holds a quarterly review to determine the success of the event marketing campaigns carried out by partner Source Marketing Direct, and outsourced event marketing firm.  Discussing results to date, objections hindering further growth, resolutions, brainstorming, and projections were the key areas reviewed at the meeting last week.

‘These reviews are fantastic for both ourselves and our clients. We choose to collaborate in order to take advantage of each others business strengths, meeting on a regular basis allows us to all remain on the same wave length and ensure sales growth is on track and we are resolving any issues that may interfere with the development of the event campaign we are providing’ states Hector Montavlo, Managing Director at Source Marketing Direct.

Source Marketing Direct recently introduced a ‘Real-Time’ tracking software which has proven a success.  Projected growth for Quarter 2 is estimated to exceed 6%, the firm credit their ability to decipher market changes and improve customer retention to their new streamlined reporting process. ‘To help drive profitable growth, reporting must be efficient and accurate.  This reporting enhances the value of our service by producing increased return on investments by monetizing data on the back end of the traffic generated’ adds Hector Montalvo.

Data was presented to the firms business development team and assistants at the Campaign Review.  Source Marketing Direct were asked which areas needed improving on the brand’s back end to help them further.  ‘Every clients objective is to grow.  It is great to be asked how our clients can improve their services to better serve our event marketing strategies. We love being able to tweak back end processes to ensure the information we are collecting is being managed effectively’ continues Hector Montalvo.

Source Marketing Direct have formed strong partnerships with the brands they represent.  The outsourced event firm believe relationships play an important role in sales and marketing not only with their clients but also customers. An outcome from the campaign review was to further improve customer satisfaction, Source Marketing Direct’s MD Hector Montalvo believes in addition to the projected 6% sales growth, the firm will also improve customer retention and satisfaction by a further 4%.

The next quarterly review is scheduled to take place in late June, 2012.