Hector Montalvo Announced as Keynote Speaker at Glasgow Business Conference

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 13th February 2013
Hector Montalvo Announced as Keynote Speaker at Glasgow Business Conference

The Glasgow Business Conference is pleased to announce Hector Montalvo as the Keynote Speaker for the event held on February 17th, 2013.

Hector Montalvo is a renowned public speaker on the topic of Entrepreneurship. As owner of successful small business Source Marketing Direct, he not only brings extensive motivational speaking experience, but 11 years of practical business ownership and management knowledge to the event.

This premiere event aims to bring together over 400 self-employed contractors, professionals, consultants and administrative personnel within the sales and marketing industry. Montalvo will speak on ‘Leadership Skills’ – how to develop essential management skills in 3-4 weeks and developing successful a successful sales pitch in new markets. ‘I will be travelling up to Glasgow on Saturday in time for the Conference which is scheduled for the full day on Sunday 17th February. I am honoured to be asked to speak to such an exciting group of people. I am passionate about building businesses and love advising budding entrepreneurs in the early stages of their start-up companies’ says Hector Montalvo.

The event is expected to attract individuals who are in the early stages of developing a business plans and those that are looking to strengthen their network of like-minded business professionals. Other topics covered at the Glasgow Business Conference include; Small Business Fundamentals, Time Management, Marketing, Strategic Selling Techniques and Business Growth.

‘I am looking forward to collaborating with the other speakers and discussing their business objectives for 2013’ adds Source Marketing Directs, Managing Director Hector Montalvo.

Montalvo demonstrated the power of mentorship and importance of business relationships in a recent Business Coaching Tutorial held at Source Marketing Directs offices in Waterloo earlier this year. His sales and marketing company hosts regular business workshops which were developed to offer individuals education on moving from self-employment into business ownership. This year’s schedule consists of 6 tutorials on a range of business subjects.

Hector Montalvo travels internationally to speak at Business Development and Entrepreneurship events. For more information on his next speaking engagements contact info@sourcemarketingdirect.com.