Hector Montalvo Explains why you need a powerful personal brand

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 17th May 2020
Hector Montalvo Explains why you need a powerful personal brand

Successful entrepreneur and business owner Hector Montalvo sheds light on why everyone needs a powerful personal brand.

Everyone looks to achieve personal success, and this can be defined by several measures. Hector Montalvo CEO of Source Marketing Direct, urges people to ensure they take the time to develop a positive personal brand. Similarly to a business brand, a personal brand is the perceived image of a company, product or service. Modern brands are ensuring their values and ethics are visible to the consumer and Hector Montalvo urges people to approach their personal brand in the same way. Those who are successful in creating a positive personal brand will see an accelerated journey to business and personal success.

In the modern digital age, there are multiple platforms for people to use to gather a perception of a person, from social media sites to public appearances and behaviour. To maximise the opportunities derived from a powerful personal brand, it is vital to consider how and when certain platforms are used.   Hector Montalvo also urges people to consider the impact of association and how these decisions will alter their desired image.

Source Marketing Direct reveal the benefits of developing a powerful personal brand:

  1. Opportunity finds you – A powerful personal brand allows an individual’s reach to be magnified, as approaches gather pace people can expect to see more job offers come in, and uninitiated contact from customers, clients, vendors and press.
  2. Online networking power – A compelling personal brand will encourage questions. People will connect online through media outlets such as LinkedIn and Twitter to get a curiosity fix.
  3.  Make new friends – A strong personal brand also goes a long way to attracting new friendships, by publicising positive traits through face to face and online personal brand management.
  4. Confidence – When fine-tuning a personal brand it is critical to developing an in-depth understanding of personal values and what characteristics make up the personal brand. As positive feedback is generated, it is a great confidence boost, as everyone knows confidence is the biggest catalyst to success.

Source Marketing Direct is a sales and marketing firm located in London. The company specialises in delivering personalised marketing campaigns to its clients’ ideal consumers via face-to-face contact. This helps to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer, as well as increased customer acquisition, awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Source : https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/289278

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