Hector Montalvo KeyNote Speaker at Business Development Conference for Start-Up Companies

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 5th December 2012
Hector Montalvo KeyNote Speaker at Business Development Conference for Start-Up Companies

Hector Montalvo has invested in the start-up of businesses since 2009. His company, Source Marketing Direct hosted a business development seminar to further educate budding entrepreneurs from 5 UK markets, London, Bradford, Edinburgh, Southampton & Luton.

Source Marketing Direct’s Business Development Seminar was hosted at the firm’s Southwark office in London, UK. Hector Montalvo is the founder of this quarterly seminar and was also announced as the keynote speaker for this event which was developed to encourage business growth and increased productivity for small business owners who have been trading as a new company for 2 years or less.

Hector Montalvo, a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, has invested in sales and marketing businesses since 2009 and was the keynote speaker at this event where many of the attendee’s were business owners that Montalvo has personally developed & mentored. ‘Investing is just one small part of getting a business off the ground. Our goal with this business development seminar was to provide further education to small business owners that will assist them in growing their company’ says Hector Montalvo, Speaker and Managing Director of Source Marketing Direct.

More About Source Marketing Direct Ltd: http://sourcemarketingdirect.com/

In any economy, one of the best ways combat unemployment is by starting a business. Source Marketing Direct believe providing the tools ambitious entrepreneurs require to take the first few steps in driving a small business towards profitability will contribute to the UK economy. Developing business owner’s skills, improving their ability to craft and execute a growth plan to make them more investable for banks, investors and other capital providers is essential.

‘The UK has over 4.5m small business; this is a group that could have a disproportionately large impact on Britain’s economy if they were in a position to create work opportunities. In order for small business owners to do this, they require leadership skills and the ability to successfully manage their company as it evolves and grows. Many of our topics in the Business Development Seminar addressed these issues’ added Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct.

To conclude the event, Hector Montalvo went on to host 14 attendee’s at The Gaucho Tower Bridge, located on the South Bank of the Thames, for a private dinner function.