Improved Customer Care Leads Source Marketing Direct to Boost Sales in 8 Weeks Without Increasing Budget

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 19th March 2013
Improved Customer Care Leads Source Marketing Direct to Boost Sales in 8 Weeks Without Increasing Budget

Source Marketing Direct implemented a new customer care business strategy in January 2012 and report sales have increased by 5%. They credit their commitment to improving the consumers buying experience through a personalised marketing approach for their success.

Hector Montalvo, CEO of Source Marketing Direct stresses the importance of customer care as a business owner of an outsourced event sales company. ‘Customer service is an essential part of running a business and it will help differentiate a company from its competitors’’ says the CEO of Source Marketing Direct.

John Tshohl, a recognised customer service expert, explains the value of aligning service strategy with customer expectations. ‘Getting to know your customers will add more value to your business as anybody can lower prices’, says Josh Tshohl. Source Marketing Direct has done precisely that; investing in personalised service has lead customers to purchase on the spot and has also improved loyalty to the brands they promote at events throughout Greater London, Bedfordshire, the Midlands, and Scotland.

Source Marketing Direct recognise the benefit of their customer care strategy as essential to the growth of their business. Source Marketing Direct will differentiate themselves from their competitors but also acquire repeat business from customers. Consequently, the company will benefit with greater sales and profits. Contrarily, companies with poor customer service may lose customers which will have a negative impact on business. The efforts that go into maintaining quality customer service pays dividends over time as according to acquiring a new customer can cost 6 to 7 times more than retaining an existing customer.

Hector Montalvo, CEO of Source Marketing Direct says ‘’A Customer care strategy plays an important role in building customer satisfaction, which helps our company to retain loyal customers and increase levels of repeat business’’.

Source Marketing Direct, outsourced sales specialist, focus area for 2013 to constantly look for ways to improve the level of good customer service has certainly paid off. Source Marketing Direct every day focus is on trying to satisfy customers with the right products and services supported by the right promotions and making it available at the right time and location. Hector Monvalto of Source Marketing Direct explains further that in a tight economy this is even more important as every producer is looking for a competitive edge. ‘Long-term client and customer loyalty is a long-term challenge that you must strive for every day and with every transaction no matter how big or small’.