Outsourcing to Source Marketing Direct – A risk for Britain’s economy?

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  • 23rd May 2010
Outsourcing to Source Marketing Direct – A risk for Britain’s economy?

Outsourcing typically results in job losses and can be damaging to local economies. Source Marketing Direct presents a viable option for companies looking for a cost effective solution that retains jobs in the United Kingdom.

Since the recession, more and more companies consider outsourcing to save on costs. Generally, outsourcing causes job losses for local people, which is followed by the fear of further downturn within the UK’s economy. It is not a secret that many high profile companies outsource work to cut costs. In turn, when people think of companies outsourcing it is commonly perceived as a negative because traditionally the work is outsourced abroad.

Source Marketing Direct is a UK based firm that provides a cost effective option for companies to outsource their marketing needs, whilst still providing opportunities for people here in the UK and with the added benefit of positively injecting into the UK economy.

Source Marketing Direct is working within various industries, such as, the charity sector. It is vital that even during a recession charities ensure that a high proportion of donations can be obtained for their causes. Using Source Marketing Direct to carry out their marketing services, the financial risk is extremely low. Source prides itself with the outstanding advantage for its clients to do the actual brand awareness for free. The clients only pay for donors actually acquired. Last year, in 2009, Source acquired over 25,000 new donors for various charity organisations, and exposed the brand to thousands more.

Due to these results Source Marketing Direct is currently providing over 50 opportunities for UK residents in sales, marketing and administrative roles. With the rising demand for direct marketing solutions this number will increase as Source expands further in the UK to better service their national clients.

Although in some cases outsourcing can have a detrimental effect on local jobs and therefore the economy, outsourcing to a UK based organisation like Source Marketing Direct is just as cost effective, yet retains work for British residents contributing positively to the economy.

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