Source Marketing Direct: Achieving Great Culture in Business During Times of Change

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 20th September 2020
Source Marketing Direct adapt to new normal
Source Marketing Direct: Achieving Great Culture in Business During Times of Change

As Source Marketing Direct adapts throughout the pandemic of 2020, keeping a firm grasp on the culture of the business is a top priority.   ‘We know that through periods of change and transformation, it can feel unsettled and people can often feel lost. It is my intention to use this time of growth to excite our team and maintain a high-level of productivity by holding morning meetings focused on maintaining a great environment during times of change” claims Hector Montalvo.  

There’s no escaping it; change is scary. Fearing change is an automated human response, it’s fight or flight in its rawest form and unless handled correctly, can have significant negative consequences. In business, change is the catalyst for positive development and has both the power to improve and harm a company. Simply put, change is unavoidable.

Here are the ABC’s that Source Marketing Direct have used in the past and plan to use during this period of growth:

Ask Questions

Understanding each team member’s values, goals and needs is a great way to lift a team up as a whole. Not everyone is motivated by money and power – motivation often runs much deeper than that, by taking the time to learn what it is that keeps the team coming into work every day can help a leader to create a comfortable working environment and deliver personalised incentives and support to their organisations.

Be There

During times of change, individuals look to the leaders to be the voice of reason, as well as a source of confidence and support. Nothing will boost a team more than having a capable, open and trustworthy leader at the helm.


There is always room for leaders to communicate more with their team. Communicating the ‘why’ behind new strategies and outlining the role each team member will play in transforming the business, is a tried and tested method for building motivation. When people have a clear idea of their purpose and can visualise the positive impact change will bring, their performance is likely to skyrocket.

Leaders should take time to make a communication plan and invite their teams to discuss their ideas and concerns as the first step towards a  harmonious and efficient work environment.

To learn more about the growth strategy at Source Marketing Direct, head to the ‘Life at Source’ page on the website.


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