Source Marketing Direct adapts as London Tube Strike continues!

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  • 7th November 2010
Source Marketing Direct adapts as London Tube Strike continues!

After the 24 hour strike which started on Sunday 29th November, it seems that more disruptions are planned for London commuters throughout the Christmas period with 2 or 3 day walk outs rumoured.

This industrial action is in response to recent job losses in TFL, and ongoing job security concerns for remaining staff.

The London underground assists 3 million people in London everyday to get from A to B. With A being home and B being work for the majority of commuters. Needless to say small to medium sized businesses (which employ over 55% of the entire population of workers in London) are undoubtedly affected the most during these actions.

Local Business Owner Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct says “London winter is hard enough with adverse weather stopping people who live further out getting into work on time without these strikes added in. Here at Source Marketing Direct we are taking a very flexible approach in terms of hours worked to try and ease a little of the related stress on those that are affected by either the weather or the strikes. I understand the point of the action by TFL employees and corresponding unions – job loss is one of the worst fears in this day and age!  I just hope an agreement is made soon for everyone’s sake”.

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