Source Marketing Direct adopts a ‘Business to People’ ethos for 2012

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  • 5th January 2012
Source Marketing Direct adopts a ‘Business to People’ ethos for 2012

London based firm Source Marketing Direct is reshaping its Marketing Strategy after trends highlight people ‘buy’ people, not just products or services.

In 2012 the firm will move from the traditional Business to Business, Business to Consumer marketing mindset, to a ‘Business to People’ ethos.

As the world embraces 2012, Source Marketing Direct see that technological and informational advances continue at a rapid pace, businesses more than ever before are having to rethink the way they interact with consumers, and the relationships they have with customers. The Marketing, PR and Communication fields especially have to look at new ways to brand through traditional and non traditional mediums. One trend discussed in MyNewsDesk (November 2011) is the awareness that above and beyond Media, people are people and they still value the service they receive from people, and moreover, a personalised buying experience. The study conducted concluded “people trust other people, not just logos, brands, or corporations”. Source Marketing Direct is one marketing and sales firm looking to improve its front line approach so that any contact with the company is more about the person they deal with, instead of the product or service they buy.

Source Marketing Direct, an outsourced Marketing and Sales firm, has been developing strategies to ensure its practices align with a ‘Business to People’ ethos for 2012. Hector Montalvo, Source Marketing Direct’s managing director says “While Source Marketing Direct has always offered a face to face marketing and sales service for Clients with a personalised approach for customers, we are looking this year to move away from the mentality that we are selling to businesses/customers and instead make sure we are focussed on people. People have different wants and needs, and like to be sold to in different ways. Our goal is that every single business or customer we come into contact with will remember us not for what they purchased, but instead for the person they dealt with”. Source Marketing Direct aims to achieve this by individually coaching for any Independent Representatives of their Clients brands in customer services, sales and marketing techniques.

While Source Marketing Direct understands the value New Age Media can add to Brand awareness, Hector Montalvo managing director believes “Simply knowing about a brand is not the be all and end all, trusting the brand and being loyal to the brand is the important part, and this comes from the people that customers deal with, not the company’s Twitter page.”

Source Marketing Direct confirm their ethos for 2012 is not just a change into a ‘Business to People’ approach, but into a ‘People to People’ approach.



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