Source Marketing Direct discuss importance of business foundations during regional conference

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 27th February 2018
Source Marketing Direct discuss importance of business foundations during regional conference

Sir Winston Churchill once said ‘fail to plan, then plan to fail’, and one of London’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firms has communicated their viewpoint on the relationship between adequate preparation and success.


The firm in question – Source Marketing Direct – focus on direct, face-to-face sales in the UK. They’ve thrived in England due to their big picture orientation in markets that are becoming increasingly swamped with brands who have tunnel vision.


“In our saturated industry, a business can easily find itself attempting to be all things to all people – all at once. This means you never really connect with any one demographic to drive your profits,” stated Hector Montalvo – Source Marketing Direct’s Managing Director.


On Sunday 18th February, Mr Montalvo spoke at a regional industry conference addressing this issue with his audience. Montalvo focused on dispelling the myth that preparation in business had to be ‘boring’, and that actually one of the most exciting aspects of planning was that it envisions future growth.


Mr Montalvo explained how forecasting what additional products or services could be pipelined in the years to come for Source Marketing Direct remains one of his favourite activities to engage in during downtime, and likens to process to construction.


“When a house is built, the strength of its foundation is key. Planning for extensions and reinforcing or revisiting the foundation will protect the house from changing climates and conditions,” stated Mr Montalvo.


October will mark the firm’s tenth year in business in the UK, and the hierarchy believe their current status and approaching milestone would never have been achievable without laying down a comprehensive business plan. The firm has previously spoken out against growth for the sake of growth, and believe that their industry of sales and marketing is full of flash-in-the-pan businesses who try to fast-track their way to success.

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