Source Marketing Direct employ new acquisition tracking software for ‘real time’ reporting

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 4th January 2013
Source Marketing Direct employ new acquisition tracking software for ‘real time’ reporting

Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct announces the roll-out of a new system that allows the event marketing firm to track acquisitions in live time. The firm add value to clients through transparency, allowing them to pull ‘Real Time’ reports.

Outsourced Event Sales and Marketing firm, Source Marketing Direct announce the roll-out of a new acquisitions tracking software that will allow their clients to track sales leads in ‘Real Time’. ‘Giving our clients the ability to pull reports any time they like is something we are very excited about. It allows complete transparency between ourselves, the independent sales advisors and the brand we are marketing.  This reporting enhances the value of our service by producing increased return on investments by monetizing data on the back end of the traffic generated’ says Hector Montalvo, Managing Director at Source Marketing Direct.

Many companies who outsource sales and marketing campaigns have no idea where their customer data resides. Some of it is in spreadsheets, emails; hard copy etc, being able to access all data at one central location is a very appealing to business owners. The implementation of this software is geared towards Source Marketing Directs ultimate goal; to discontinue the use of paper and switching to tablets. As data protection becomes a concern for many businesses and consumers, the event marketing firm believe this will protect data as all information is stored in one location reducing the risk of paper copies being accidentally lost or misplaced.  The software is located on a secure server, where all login access is recorded closely.

Source Marketing Direct also understands the independent sales rep knows a great deal of information about the sales territory. Hector Montalvo comments ‘This ‘Real Time’ tracking software allows for transactions to be reported on the spot. Designed to be highly extensible and strategically scalable, we can very easily measure everything from buying behaviours by locations, and profitability against hourly time-spots’.

Source Marketing Direct are the first in their niche, outsourced event marketing, to offer this tracking software to clients and boast increasing acquisition threefold since the implementation in early November 2012 (*figures based on the same period 2011). Hector Montalvo outlines the main benefits as; Better and more efficient decision making thanks to fast reporting, More efficient sales representatives by empowering through data captured in ‘Real Time’ and the ability to create and run reports on up-to-date data 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

To help drive profitable growth, reporting must be efficient and accurate. By employing this new acquisitions tracking software, Source marketing Direct forecast growth to exceed their predictions for the first quarter of 2013. Managing Director Hector Montalvo plans to review and scale the firm’s business development strategy once figures from January- March 2013 are available. ‘ It’s important that we change with the times to provide a better quality service to clientèle and to create even further separation from competitors in our field’ adds Hector Montalvo.