Source Marketing Direct Explain How Direct Marketing Connects to Millennials

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 22nd July 2019
Source Marketing Direct Explain How Direct Marketing Connects to Millennials
Source Marketing Direct Explain How Direct Marketing Connects to Millennials

With millennials dominating the global workforce and quickly becoming the lead decision-makers when it comes to consumer buying behaviour, Source Marketing Direct share tips on connecting with these consumers.

Millennials continue to grow as the most influential demographic of consumers around the world. Source Marketing Direct believes it is crucial for businesses to stay current and find ways to connect with millennials.  No matter what products or services is on offer, being able to communicate a marketing message that resonates with this generation is a highly sought after skill.

Here, the firm shares their tips and tactics to help businesses connect with millennials in a way that results in sales:

Understand who they are

Source Marketing Direct believes that some organisations still view millennials as ‘kids’ who are still dependent financially on their parents. They are viewed as entitled, glued to their mobile phones with a lazy attitude – doing everything in their power to avoid the responsibilities of adulthood. However, Source Marketing Direct highlight that the age range of this demographic is currently 22 – 36. Their adult life has truly begun, with more than 50% of the upper-age millennials are married and already have children. This means that they have adult concerns and priorities, and most importantly, they dominate consumer spending power. Source Marketing Direct stress that Millenials take time to establish what they are genuinely passionate about and one this is recognised it motivates their purchasing decisions (Your Story, 2016). Understanding the customer buying journey is the key to a successful marketing campaign.

Don’t get formal

When targeting millennials, Source Marketing Direct believes it’s important to remember that the demographics are less likely to pass judgement on how business and sales professionals dress. Being formal is not essential when dealing with millennials, and marketing content produced should mirror this acknowledgement, keeping it as casual yet professional as possible. Source Marketing Direct suggests this is not easy as it is important to maintain brand identity without reshaping brand image too much just to cater to one demographic.

Interesting Point: Throwing a few slang terms into targeted marketing campaigns has been described as an introductory method of earning a few extra brownie points with millennials (Your Story, 2016).

Appeal to their needs

Source Marketing Direct believes that millennials have been misunderstood for years, but if a business can provide them with a fresh outlook – matching their wants and desires – then millennials will go the extra mile for them with brand loyalty and social proof. By displaying a realistic vision of the company’s dream, it will allow millennials to form an opinion on whether the concept matches theirs. The key is to deliver the message with passion; be bold, be upfront – and most of all, with the progression of social media, be honest with them.

How are you tailoring your approach to working or selling to Millennials?


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