Source Marketing Direct explores the debate between qualifications and experience

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 15th September 2020
Source Marketing Direct Debate
Source Marketing Direct explores the debate between qualifications and experience


The London-based outsourced sales and marketing experts believe that experience can make up for the lack of a degree, but a degree provides something that experience cannot. Finding the right candidate for a role depends on a range of factors, and the firm has revealed insights into what skills they deem to be the most beneficial. 

Source Marketing Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that reconnects businesses to their target consumers through face-to-face communication in order to boost customer acquisition and sales. As well as implementing engaging face-to-face marketing campaigns the firm also offers complete campaign management services, which ensures each campaign generates maximum results irrespective of new market trends or changes in consumer behaviour.

Arguing qualifications’ corner first, the firm believes education changes us. Given the same elapsed time, a course of education will bring a greater depth of understanding than experience can provide. Thus experience may teach that ‘doing it that way does not work’, but education gives a candidate the theoretical knowledge and analytical skill to show why it does not work.

Source Marketing Direct believes that there is nothing wrong with requiring a four-year degree if that’s what the role requires. But, if that requirement is based on traditional practice, old school mentalities, or personal bias then companies are alienating and missing out on a large pool of candidates.

Education develops the speed of learning and ability to learn at depth. Thus the experienced learn new ideas, processes or technologies, but the educated supposedly ‘learn them faster’, and more deeply. However, this perception is changing slightly from a hiring perspective, as candidates with university degrees saturated the job market, and the value is diminishing.

Lacking hands-on experience can render education almost redundant in certain roles, especially if solely focusing on why it should work through theoretical practices.

In conclusion, Source Marketing Direct believes it really depends on the specific role in question to truly answer what is more valuable – qualifications or experience. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks in differing situations.

When Source Marketing Direct conduct interviews, they probe a candidate with questions that expose their attitude towards situations to assess their suitability for the opportunity, rather than experience and qualifications.




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