Source Marketing Direct: Get stuck in execution mode.

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 11th March 2019
Source Marketing Direct: Get stuck in execution mode.
Source Marketing Direct: Get stuck in execution mode.

Recently, we have been taking inspiration from some of Gary Vee’s old videos that have stood the test of time – specifically the danger of inaction in pursuit of perfection.

This is something we can definitely relate to, especially with some of the newer people we’ve been working with, as the desire to make a killer or ‘perfect’ first impression in our industry reigns supreme over actually taking action, and learning from any mistakes made after.

Gary suggests many of us in business waste a horrendous amount of time worrying and focusing on stupid things – like making mistakes and striving for perfection. Instead, we should be pushing towards our goals on a daily basis – as even if we do make mistakes, we have actually started our journey towards the end goal.

Essentially, sitting around waiting for that perfect moment, or perfect idea to pick up the tools and begin our work is just a waste of time according to Gary, and we couldn’t agree more.

Execution mode refers to being a ‘do’er’ rather than an over-thinker. If you’re in execution mode, you’re just out there getting it done every day, putting in the work.

To some extent in our industry, we have a cheat sheet for this. We already know what the negatives are, and what the most common objections are. In theory, this should make our lives much easier, but it doesn’t always pan out that way because we are overthinking – and not following Gary Vaynerchuk’s sage advice.

When we have moments of discontent, failure and dips into doubt of our ability, it’s self-awareness that exposes the truth that it is all created out of inaction and the only remedy is to take that first step towards the desired outcome.

In addition, motivation is the result of action – not its cause. You don’t need to wait to feel inspired before you implement a new behaviour. You can immediately begin by gathering your willpower and stop procrastinating. Forging the future you want requires you picking up the tools and doing the work.

With this in our minds, our Managing Director Hector Montalvo believes we should be trying to make March the best month of 2019 so far. We will let you know how we get on!

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