Source Marketing Direct hail company culture effect on talent retention

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 18th March 2020
Source Marketing Direct hail company culture effect on talent retention
Source Marketing Direct hail company culture effect on talent retention

While outsourced sales and marketing experts Source Marketing Direct acknowledge the magnitude of the fight they have on their hands to retain top talent in what is a highly competitive industry, they hold a devout belief in their company culture – a quality they claim continues to be a big draw for applicants.

An Aldermore Future Attitudes report published in March earlier this year revealed that 67% of SMEs across the UK found it difficult to hire qualified staff members or keep existing talent in the company – a figure that did not come as a surprise to Source Marketing Direct’s Managing Director Hector Montalvo.

Talented workers applying for roles at small-medium sized enterprises are able to find new employment quite easily, and Montalvo believes many individuals move on when they feel they can get a better deal or could progress further, and quicker, in a different environment – or are not integrated into the lifeblood of the business.

“Of course here we have business values that are fairly rigid, and don’t change, but running adjacent to these are a set of beliefs that are the result of constant collaboration and co-creation from a blend of our contractors,” commented Hector Montalvo, Managing Director of Source Marketing Direct.

Source Marketing Direct are London-based, and focus on direct, face-to-face sales through event-based marketing and business solicitations. The firm has revealed that a popular topic during their morning meetings recently has been regarding mental health, and feeling good.

“I know if we all feel good and build each other up from within, we can maximise our potential,” added Montalvo, who feels that his firm’s inclusive approach to the onboarding of new contractors is paying dividends to their retention and client satisfaction levels.

It appears the business owner recognises that, despite being largely operational in offline domains, the online world of here and now offers both the seeker and recruiter a far greater insight into what’s out there than what existed several years ago. On the flipside, Source Marketing Direct believe they are able to undercut larger sales and marketing firms because of this, by offering greater opportunities and nurturing talent through their business development programmes.

The firm hopes that its company culture continues to have a positive effect on their retention of top talent.


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