Source Marketing Direct Hold Business Coaching Tutorial in Waterloo

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 7th January 2013
Source Marketing Direct Hold Business Coaching Tutorial in Waterloo

Hector Montalvo launched the first business seminar Source Marketing Direct plan to host throughout 2013. The sales and marketing firm offer a business development program to self-employed individuals who trade with their business.

Source Marketing Direct held a full-day Business Development and Coaching tutorial this weekend at their central London office location. Designed for those looking to move from self-employment into business ownership in early 2013, Source Marketing Direct aimed to arm these budding entrepreneurs with the tools required to launch a start-up business.

Owner and Managing Director, of Source Marketing Direct Hector Montalvocovered topics including, driving sales productivity, setting quality standards as well as basic finance and administration responsibilities. The seminar provided the knowledge and tools to enable the participants to develop a basic performance management system for their new businesses’.

‘Selling is one of the most important functions of a business’ claims Hector Montalvo ‘It is no longer enough to simply rely on gut feel. You must have a scientific system to consistently attain your targets. This business tutorial was designed to help instil the competitive selling techniques business owners need to know to have the edge in the current cut-throat market.’

Hector Montalvo adds ‘wasted time is the most serious drain on productivity in many small businesses. This seminar will provide many techniques to maximize the use of time which will set you on the road to success.’

A local entrepreneur was introduced as a guest speaker at the tutorial. ‘We wanted to give the attendees the opportunity to meet a successful entrepreneur and hear his story.  Understanding how someone else got started and hearing how they overcame the many challenges that face businesses owners in their first few years was very inspirational’ adds Hector Montalvo, MD at Source Marketing Direct.

The tutorial was attended by 15 participants who in the process of incorporating new businesses or have plans to do so within the next 3 months.

Source Marketing Direct plan to hold a further 7 seminar’s throughout 2013. Topics covered will be ‘How to leverage systems, technology and marketing’. ‘Business Development and Growth for Start-Up’s, ‘Recruit, motivate and retain a winning team’, ‘Multiply your customers, revenue and profits’, ‘Drive Sales Productivity’, ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Leadership: A Necessity for Your Business’