Source Marketing Direct Host Business Development Seminar in London, UK

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  • 28th November 2012
Source Marketing Direct Host Business Development Seminar in London, UK

The London Business Development Seminar was hosted by Source Marketing Direct and designed to provide education on ways to improve business results, maximize performance and further develop leadership skills.

Source Marketing Direct, a London based event sales and marketing firm formed a Business Development Seminar with a focus on the practical application of classroom lessons, the full day event aimed to help small business owners, those in business less than 2 years, build long-term profitable and scalable businesses.

‘We set up this seminar with a very clear objective. The goal was to provide education that was packed full of business development facts, provided evidence of success (through case study’s of previous attendee’s) and really teach people how to turn the fear that holds their businesses back into power’ says Hector Montalvo, Source Marketing Directs Managing Director and Keynote Speaker at the event.

Motivating people, conquering setbacks, failing to inspire teams are three of the major reasons many businesses do not grow, according to Source Marketing Direct. This instructive seminar encouraged participants to bring challenges they are currently facing into the classroom where head speaker, Hector Montalvo helped to create an action plan to overcome the issue and improve productivity.

‘There are a number of steps that start-up business owners should focus on in order to enhance the performance of their businesses; understanding the problem, developing your USP, setting long term strategic objectives for improved performance, following industry-relevant developments, making use of resources available to you through services such as FSB, many people aren’t aware of the many different areas of their businesses that need to be addressed. This latest seminar was really interesting and I hope the attendees found addressing current challenges in their businesses helpful’ adds Hector Montalvo of Source marketing Direct.

Three other speakers covered basic administrative practices that are important for managing growth in a small business; including advertising, reporting productivity and customer relations.

Source Marketing Direct host regular seminars on a range of topics from business development to reputation management; driving sales and recruitment processes.

Keynote Speaker – Hector Montalvo

Hector Montalvo is a skilled practitioner at delivering speeches on business development topics. He has been rewarded by a supplier, with the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for leading in outstanding sales, quality and profitability for 4 years running. His contribution to Britain’s start-up community through mentoring budding entrepreneurs is widely recognised in Direct Marketing industry.