Source Marketing Direct Host New Workshop: ‘Driving Sales Productivity’

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 8th February 2013
Source Marketing Direct Host New Workshop: ‘Driving Sales Productivity’

Following the success of their Business Coaching Tutorial in early January; Source Marketing Direct will host a workshop on February 16h, 2013 at their Waterloo premises which promises to increase sales performance in small businesses by 20% if committed to apply correctly.

Source Marketing Direct announced in early January their plans for a series of seminars throughout 2013. Managing Director and Host, Hector Montalvo is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and initiated these business seminars to assist with boosting overall performance in small businesses. ‘I’ve owned my company for close to 12 years and something that I found very challenging at the beginning was accelerating performance on a consistent basis. This seems to be an issue many business owners face as in the early days you are pulled in so many direction that focusing on business growth is often faltered’ says Hector Montalvo. ‘What I plan to offer in the seminars we have set up this year are simple and easy to implement steps that will build value in a business. Our ‘Driving Sales Productivity Workshop’ will be held next week and covers tried-and-tested strategies can help any business boost performance by 20%’.

Source Marketing Direct attendees will gain a level of confidence when dealing with customers. The workshop will address common objectives and teach advanced sales skills, which will facilitate overcoming challenging moments in the sales process. This will allow salespeople to win more business and build long-term customer loyalty.  Businesses who can communicate in a persuasive and customer friendly manner through their sales force always have the advantage in a competitive market. Armed with the advanced skills of this course, business owners will have the confidence to drive sales, reputations and market share by winning and retaining more customers.

‘We received fantastic feedback from our last seminar, ‘Business Coaching’. It has been great to hear how our advice has helped in redefining business strategies. My administration have advised me that we already have many of the same attendees booked in to attend this next workshop on Driving Sales which is very positive’ adds Source Marketing Directs MD, Hector Montalvo.

Topics covered bt Source Marketing Directs in other seminars throughout 2013 will be ‘How to leverage systems, technology and marketing’. ‘Business Development and Growth for Start-Up’s, ‘Recruit, motivate and retain a winning team’, ‘Multiply your customers, revenue and profits’, Leadership – ‘A Necessity for your Business’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’.

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