Source Marketing Direct host rising star event at London’s Shard

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 17th January 2018
Source Marketing Direct host rising star event at London’s Shard.
Source Marketing Direct host rising star event at London’s Shard

On Saturday 13th January outsourced sales and marketing experts Source Marketing Direct hosted an in-depth strategy day for some of the industry’s brightest talent, at the Shard in London. 

The London-based firm are constantly looking at ways of improving their synergy, and felt that a flagship event early in January was the best course of action to take to live up to their brand values. 

The purpose of the event was to discuss strategy for the upcoming 12 months – and this remained a key theme throughout. Source Marketing Direct forged a mindset that 2018 would be the best year of the firm’s life thus far, and so Managing Director Hector Montalvo was especially keen to communicate the importance of setting big targets this year.   

Speaking after the event, he stated, “I want our industry as a whole to reach new heights this year. With the ever-increasing popularity of internet advertising, its our job to communicate how offline sales will still rule supreme in 2018. We believe last years numbers speak for themselves. 

Montalvo is also a devout believer of continued professional development, and many of his public speaking engagements are centred around this topic. He argues that success and development in this area go hand in hand, previously claiming that maximising potential is a decision that can only be made by the individual themselves.  

His views held strong during the Q&A section, as certain points went through a back-and-forth. It appeared clear that some of the topics discussed had been thought-provoking, given the calibre of questions asked. Mr. Montalvo remained steadfast, but was also impressed with the audience’s valuable insights. 

If half of the attendants at the rising star event take away something that will maximise their potential this year, I will consider it a huge success – they are the future. he continued.  

Mr. Montalvo’s firm Source Marketing Direct provide effective solutions for clients’ needs, resulting in an expansion of their customer base and revenues so they can stay competitive within their markets. The firm regularly host events and workshops similar to the one held at the Shard last weekend to reflect on their own performance and standing, in what is a hugely demanding industry. 

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