Source Marketing Direct Hosts Quality Control Meeting in London and Manchester

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 22nd May 2013
Source Marketing Direct Hosts Quality Control Meeting in London and Manchester

Hector Montalvo, Managing Director of Source Marketing Direct hosts quality control meetings in London and Manchester. Hector Montalvo used these meetings to emphasise to other business owners the importance of quality acquisitions for business clients.

Last week, Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct hosted two meetings, one at the Park Plaza hotel on London’s embankment and the second at a business centre in Manchester City Centre.  As Managing Director of an outsourced sales and marketing firm, Source Marketing Direct based in the USA and the UK, Hector Montalvodemands quality leads from suppliers resulting in quality acquisitions for his firms’ clients.  Hector Montalvo used this meeting to share his 11 years worth of experience to educate other potential and existing business owners of the importance of quality leads.

Also present at the meetings were business clients who outsource theirsales and marketing to specialised customer acquisition firms such as Source Marketing Direct. “The better the quality we can provide, the more that leads to renegotiating rates for higher profits in the future. We invited clients to observe the presentation so they can see the effort being put in to improve the service,” says Hector Montalvo.

At Source Marketing Direct, providing their clients with quality acquisitions is essential.  Quality acquisitions are beneficial for both Source Marketing Direct and their clients.  For Source Marketing Direct, if they provide their clients with quality acquisitions, there is a higher likelihood that future re-investment will occur.  And as for their clients, the higher the quality they receive then the better their customer retention rates and customer loyalty, which will result in more money for the company.

Hector Montalvo has hosted numerous business conferences and meetings during his 11 year ownership of Source Marketing Direct.  He has extensive experience of processes and strategies that work and result in successful businesses not only in the UK but also in the USA. Hector Montalvo does not only deliver his speeches to other entrepreneurs and business owners, but can also deliver talks to clients, to ensure that a constructive link is upheld between business and clients. Communication between businesses and business clients is imperative if a business is to succeed, for clients to be happy with the service provided; and both can make high profits.

After the meetings in both London and Manchester, Hector Montalvo felt affirmed that the clients who attended, left feeling confident in the services that are provided to them.  Source Marketing Direct will uphold this relationship with their clients to ensure that quality leads are always provided for future business with the firm.