Source Marketing Direct invest in video content to illuminate their company culture

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 21st February 2018
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Source Marketing Direct invest in video content to illuminate their company culture

London-based outsourced sales and marketing experts Source Marketing Direct have turned their attention towards video content as a tool for revealing what life is really like at the firm.

Video is often considered the most convenient and efficient type of content for the consumer, and provides businesses with an attractive, versatile and extremely shareable medium to reach target audiences.

Statistics tell us that by 2019 internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic, and Source Marketing Direct want to continue building their YouTube channel in order to provide more information in an environment where their target audience is fully engaged.

The firm believe that budding applicants and existing members alike have benefitted and enjoyed the existing 30 or so videos on their channel thus far, and that they want to see more. Having received 150 subscribers so far without too much effort, the firm want to use this as a foundation to push on and promote video – spearheaded by their Managing Director Hector Montalvo.

“We are going to start recording and posting more video content to give outsiders a better glimpse of our company culture. We really want to focus on building our YouTube channel this year, as we believe it’s a great platform for revealing life at our firm,” stated Mr. Montalvo.

To help with this process, Source Marketing Direct have enlisted the help of Brandlective Communications – a digital marketing agency based in London Bridge. Their website claims to ‘give visibility to those who think differently’, and Source Marketing Direct’s aim is to certainly gain a stronger presence with video that is both informative and educational in solving previously unanswered questions about life at the company.

The firm focuses on direct, face-to-face sales through event based marketing and business-to-business solicitations. They have increased the customer base for clients in the sports, entertainment, hospitality, charity, telecoms and merchant service industries thus far, and are always looking to branch out.

Understandably, the firm constantly reviews the latest industry and consumer behaviour trends throughout the year to ensure their dynamic marketing campaigns are always up to date and remain competitive.



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