Source Marketing Direct managing director Hector Montalvo welcomes 11th year in industry

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  • 23rd January 2012
Source Marketing Direct managing director Hector Montalvo welcomes 11th year in industry

Hector Montalvo, Managing Director of Source Marketing Direct, welcomes 2012 with anticipation as to what his 11th year in the Direct Marketing Industry will bring. The Marketing industry has seen many changes over the last 10-12 years, Hector Montalvo discussed the two main transitions he has been a part of, and how this has determined his outlook for 2012.

The definition of ‘Marketing’ has undoubtedly been argued over, but what those that have tried to define it agree upon it is that it is a complex, dynamic and ever changing business activity. Marketing can encompass any activity involved in the development of a brand; from Television & Radio campaigns, Print & Media campaigns, Online and Offline Marketing campaigns, as well as Source Marketing Directs specialisation, Direct Marketing campaigns.

Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct started his Marketing career in a time where traditional forms of Marketing (TV, Radio, Print etc) dominated., “Like any Business Owner I have seen so many changes in the past ten years. I think the most drastic was when the recession hit. No longer did companies have in house marketing departments, or have the funds to run expensive Television Commercial campaigns. Companies started looking at cost effective ways to get their product or service across to customers. In 2008, when I started Source Marketing Direct (outsourced firm) the kinds of companies that were approaching me for our services shocked me, big brands that needed help from the “No win, No fee” little man! Times really have changed in the Marketing world.” Says Hector Montalvo, Source Marketing Direct’s Managing Director.

Source Marketing Direct note that most recently, the direction or focus of ‘Marketing’ has moved from a quantitative to a more qualitative result based system. In other words, brands are looking for longevity in their customer base and are therefore putting more emphasis on developing trust within a brand to increase the customer’s loyalty. Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Directcomments “This change has been reflected in a lot of our practices throughout 2011. We have started a Retail/Event Promotion service which allows us to spend more time with customers and give them more information about products or services they are interested in before make a decision. We have also adapted a ‘business to people’ ethos as opposed to the traditional ‘business to consumer’ approach in order to ensure every customer receives the best care and information throughout the sales process, which already is resulting in a higher quality of customer for our clients.”

While the Marketing Industry has changed immensely over the past ten years, Hector Montalvo’s passion for it hasn’t “This industry is what I know and love, it is fast paced and ever changing, it is competitive and can be cut throat, it is a challenge, but it’s a welcomed challenge. For 2012 I am looking to secure our high industry standards in the Retail/Event sector and further expand Source Marketing Direct’s services into new locations throughout the UK, and into Europe as well”




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