Source Marketing Direct praise FA for refreshing ‘Moneyball’ approach to Southgate appointment

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 23rd July 2018
Source Marketing Direct praise FA for refreshing 'Moneyball' approach to Southgate appointment
Source Marketing Direct praise FA for refreshing ‘Moneyball’ approach to Southgate appointment

London-based outsourced sales and marketing experts Source Marketing Direct believe leaders come in all shapes and sizes, as shown by England’s successful World Cup tournament – spearheaded by a man many doubted just 6 months prior.

It is fair to say that when the governing body of English football decided to appoint Gareth Southgate as their manager, the announcement largely fell flat. Southgate was arguably the least fashionable name in the hat for the role, with many doubting his credentials.

Managing Director of Source Marketing Direct Hector Montalvo acknowledges that while Southgate had a respectable, but largely unremarkable playing career – he has proven himself to be the perfect man for the role. Many football managers at the Fifa World Cup were spotted shouting aggressively at their own players and referees, running up and down the touchline – not Southgate. He was scribbling on his notepad, making quiet, calculated decisions.

“Some individuals might seem the less ‘obvious’ candidates for leadership positions, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less capable. I call it the ‘moneyball’ approach – it’s not always those with the loudest motivational battle cry that will be successful leaders – those that take a backseat on occasion have proven to be just as efficient. Just look at Southgate with England,” stated Montalvo.

The business owner references Aaron Sorkin’s 2011 film, which challenges the conventional wisdom in American baseball’s hiring policies. Although the film focuses on a team with a tight budget, Source Marketing Direct’s Managing Director believes the film’s concept of choosing the ‘less obvious’ candidates for roles illustrates how great leadership and talent can come in many forms, from many people.

The ‘Captain’s Class’ theory, based on the book by Sam Walker also supports this leadership school of thought, and suggests that awkward, marginally skilled individuals that preferred to hide in the shadows rather than pursue fame were some of the most successful across many team sports.

“I think we’ve given the FA a lot of stick over the years for both their company culture and string of unsuccessful appointments, but credit where it’s due, hiring Southgate has restored a sense of pride to the nation – all stemming from a candidate that was under their nose the entire time,” concluded Montalvo, referencing Southgate’s previous role as a youth team coach.


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