Source Marketing Direct publishing their how-to guide to making your brand stand out

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 22nd June 2020
Source Marketing Direct publishing their how-to guide to making your brand stand out
Source Marketing Direct publishing their how-to guide to making your brand stand out

London Based direct marketing and sales specialists, Source Marketing Direct argues that a strong brand is at the core of every successful marketing campaign.

Markets are becoming increasingly saturated with new brands, in the US alone there are more than 28 million small businesses.  With online presence becoming increasingly competitive for brands battling it out for visibility, it is vital for companies to focus on making a significant impact to stand a chance against the competition.

Source Marketing Direct reveal their seven top tips on making a brand stand out:

  1. Originality – Often businesses are founded to replicate an existing solution.  Brands who offer similar values are increasingly likely to blend into the crowd. Source Marketing Direct urge business owners to source a fresh angle on an existing market and use that as a basis to create a unique brand that resonates with the target audience.
  2. Sincerity – Brands who invest in a human element in their customer experience efforts are more likely to forge lasting relationships with a client base who are likely to share their positive experiences with others, in turn strengthening their brand.  Businesses who use social media as a platform for communication with a standard response, are likely to alienate their customer base forcing them to take their business elsewhere.
  3. Understanding – Brands who can demonstrate knowledge and offer advice on solutions can develop a unique platform for customers to engage with the brand organically, discussing topics with other users allows brands to develop a deeper understanding of their audiences and tailor their approaches accordingly.
  4. Boldness – Risky campaigns often offer the highest return if successful.  By becoming a pioneer within an industry often pairs with success.  ‘Safe’ brands often suffer as they can be viewed as boring or just another brand.
  5. Consistency –  People like familiarity and look to find consistency on approach.  Brands should look to provide a uniform approach to branding and advertising to ensure consumers know what to expect and feel assured of the standards delivered.
  6. Visibility – New and existing customers need a platform to view and share the company message.  Reputation can be built through external publications and use social media strategies to develop a brand personality for consumers to form a connection with.
  7. Value – Value doesn’t always relate to price point.  Smaller businesses may not be able to offer much leeway on price point, but instead can add value through customer experience; for example, educating customers on how to maximise results using products or services and a greater personalised customer service standpoint.

Source Marketing Direct focus on direct, face-to-face sales through event based marketing and business solicitations. The privately owned, outsourced marketing firm has thrived in the industry due to the belief they place on their team.  The company are uniquely positioned to work seamlessly with brands approaches and offer a personalised and engaging approach to marketing services.


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