Source Marketing Direct reiterate belief in face to face marketing despite rise in e-commerce

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 30th January 2018
Source Marketing Direct reiterate belief in face to face marketing despite rise in e-commerce

Advances in mobile and internet technology have undoubtedly made shopping online much easier, but Source Marketing Direct believe the human elements of interaction that are vital to the customer buying process cannot be imitated digitally.

Source Marketing Direct have observed a couple of articles recently that claimed a large chunk of retail sales were transforming from physical locations to e-commerce. The London-based firm want to put the record straight, and while acknowledging online shopping in the modern day consumer buying process – playing down it’s suggested dominance.

Source Marketing Direct suggest that regardless of channel, today’s customers want value for money, and will only part with their earnings to businesses that are transparent, honest and show they care. This is the way the firm believes others can create long-lasting relationships with consumers.

In addition, many e-commerce sites remain susceptible to various navigation issues and weak calls to action in the same way an average sales person might fail to capture genuine interest from a potential customer. However, one aspect Source Marketing Direct believe websites need to get better with is their customer service. The firm believes that on the majority of websites there simply isn’t a way to streamline customer service options offering ways to get questions asked and answered quickly.

Despite these shortcomings, the outsourced sales and marketing firm recognise that more online sales are inevitable in future, and believe that this will then place an even greater importance on the lasting impression of a brand’s face-to-face interaction with consumers.

“Rather than thinking either online or offline, businesses should combine the two to compliment customer pipelines and promote synergy,” stated a spokesperson for Source Marketing Direct.

Source Marketing Direct is a leading customer acquisition company that provides effective sales and marketing solutions for their clients. Managing Director Hector Montalvo and Administrator Linzi Crawford both picked up awards at the annual sales and marketing awards in London on May 20, and the firm believes that these accolades not only cement their position as pioneers of the industry, but they also demonstrate the amount of growth the industry has seen over the last twelve months


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