Source Marketing Direct: 86% of Business Owners Attribute Business Growth to ‘Strong Leadership’

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  • 6th September 2012
Source Marketing Direct: 86% of Business Owners Attribute Business Growth to ‘Strong Leadership’

Business growth can be attributed to a thousand different business activities, and of course it would be difficult to isolate one singular activity that dominates over and above all others; growth and success comes from a multitude of variables interacting between the interface of a solid brand and a consumer group.

Source Marketing Direct invited business owners in the direct marketing and sales industries to share their perspectives regarding the current and future economic positions of their individual businesses and their opinions on the business strategies they attribute to this. The analysis was designed to uncover essential information on individual business needs and opportunities-information that can be used to support expansion initiatives. Source Marketing Direct, managing director, Hector Montalvo says, “The roll on effect of this kind of analysis is that our business community shares new ideas, which creates synergy and vitality for the industry as a whole. It gives us direction and focus.”

Source Marketing Direct reported that the number one factor attributed to business growth by business owners partaking in the survey was ‘strong leadership’. For the purpose of the survey this was described as “the activity of leading a group of people or an organisation, or the ability to do this” (business dictionary online).

Source Marketing Directs Managing Direct Hector Montalvo said, “The findings definitely support my personal opinion, I have always believed that no matter how great a product or service or business is, if it is not being driven by the right people it will fail. I really feel like the findings are particularly indicative of our current economic times as well. What I mean by this is that because we have lost so much confidence in our market, more than ever people need a clear vision, they need to understand not just what the business is doing but why it is important, and they need clear information, direction and processes to realize that vision. This is the role of a great leader to define the vision, and inspire people to want to work alongside you to achieve it, of course there is the practical side of it as well – it is an ethos I have always followed – to lead by example”.

Source Marketing Direct have since announced a Leadership seminar to be held on September 8th in London where top industry business owners will share their views and best practices to ensure continued success throughout Greater London, Bedfordshire, The Midlands, Lancashire, Hampshire and Scotland.

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