Source Marketing Direct Runs Test Campaign for Gaming & Film Giant

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  • 15th February 2013
Source Marketing Direct Runs Test Campaign for Gaming & Film Giant

Outsourced Event Marketing firm, Source Marketing Direct announced they will begin an exciting new test campaign this week for a well renowned brand in the UK entertainment industry.

The launch of a new test campaign is to be carried out the week commencing 11 February 2013 by Source Marketing Direct for a growing Gaming and Film brand. The specific company cannot be named so early on in the test phase of the campaign but Source Marketing Direct express their excitement with working on a new project ‘Rolling out a new event marketing campaign for clients is always fun but this particular campaign means moving into online streaming, gaming a film rental industry which opens up the opportunity to expand into a thriving sector’ says Hector Montalvo.

Source Marketing Direct is keen to quickly prove their outsourcing event services will improve ROI for this client. The London based firm currently generate over 800 new customers per week for clientele and reduce marketing expenditure on average by £36 per new customer acquisition. ‘Digital streaming is at the height of popularity following the fall of Blockbuster and HMV so we are very keen to make this transition as soon as possible. The test phase of this campaign is expected to last 6 weeks and will involve up to 10 event locations’ added Hector Montalvo, Source Marketing Directs Managing Director.

The digital streaming industry has already seen dramatic growth in recent months; Amazon’s digital media selection has grown to over 23 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, books, audiobooks, and popular apps and games in 2012, an increase from 19 million at year-end 2011. The company expects that revenue will grow by 14% to 26% in the first-quarter of 2013 versus the same period next year to between $15 billion and $16.6 billion.

Source Marketing Direct feels confident they will reach the targets set for their 6-week test campaign. The firm announced earlier this year their plans to branch into new UK markets in the first 2 quarters of the year, extending market reach for their clients will likely add further value to their event marketing services.


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