Source Marketing Direct Stand Out From the Crowd in Cut-throat Industry

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  • 7th March 2012
Source Marketing Direct Stand Out From the Crowd in Cut-throat Industry

Source Marketing Direct, London based marketing and sales firm, review recent trends and delve into their own strategy on attracting the best clients, customers and partners in a growing industry.

Due to the recession and consequent shift towards outsourcing that the business world saw in 2008, the direct marketing and sales industry has seen unprecedented growth. More businesses are choosing to outsource expensive and time consuming activities. Source Marketing Direct, a firm often outsourced to develop sales and marketing campaigns for businesses have seen much success as they offer a risk free, cost effective solution for businesses that have limited marketing and sales resources internally.

The increase in companies offering outsourced services has meant that users are now spoilt for choice when it comes to whom to outsource their marketing and sales needs to. The more competitive firms are restructuring services and costs to keep the best clients, developing new strategies to acquire customers, as well as making changes internally to ensure the best partners and representation of the company.

Hector Montalvo, managing director of Source Marketing Direct comments “In a world of companies offering seemingly the same service for the same cost it can be difficult to stand out to potential clients, customers and partners. I have been in the industry nearly 11 years, and worked in both the UK and US markets, the one thing I can say from my experience with certainty is as Albert Einstein said ‘The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been’. The Source Marketing Direct brand strives to differentiate on multiple levels; we aim to challenge the status quo in all that we do.”

Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct continues “Firstly, the promise we make to any client is that our service will be the perfect balance between quality and quantity customer acquisitions. We don’t just promise new customers, every company in the industry can promise customers; at Source Marketing Direct we find customers that have a genuine need or want for the product or service to ensure our client a customer base with longevity. Secondly, Source Marketing Direct launched an event based service last year in order to provide a better customer experience for potential customers, we can now offer a more educational and informative approach to our sales, we have received really positive feedback in our customer services with this change. Finally to attract the best partners, we don’t follow the major players, there is no head hunting, no scouting, we let the best seek us out – they will hear of us eventually!”

Source Marketing Direct has taken to following the small niches, ‘observing the masses and doing the opposite’ allowing a unique standing in the direct marketing and sales industry.


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