Source Marketing Direct supports Pike River Appeal for New Zealand’s lost Miners

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  • 2nd December 2010
Source Marketing Direct supports Pike River Appeal for New Zealand’s lost Miners

Source Marketing Direct, London based Marketing and Sales firm, has pledged its support for the Pike River Appeal being run by TNT Magazine. Source Marketing Direct has always had a strong presence in the charity industry, having worked with some of the largest brand charities worldwide. Needless to say when it heard of this drive it was one of the first in line to get on board.

The Pike River Mine Disaster started on the 19th of November 2010 when a high pressure gas explosion caused the collapse of the mine entrance blocking 29 men in the mine, the youngest just 17. Unfortunately due to the dangerous levels of gas in the mine no real attempts could be made during the first couple of days to rescue the trapped miners. On the 24th November there was a second explosion which is believed to have killed all 29 miners. The disaster has resulted in New Zealand’s highest death count caused by a single disaster since the 1979 plane crash of Air New Zealand flight 901.

Source Marketing Direct representatives will be attending an appeal for the families of the lost miners organised  by TNT Magazine where tickets can be purchased for an auction and raffle event to be held this Saturday 4th December at Walkabout in Shepherds Bush, London.

New Zealander, Courtney Sagar, who works in the Administration team at Source Marketing Direct said “It is such a tragedy; I spoke to my family back home and the whole country is in genuine shock and mourning. It feels really good though to be able to get involved in something all the way on the other side of the world that will help the families of the miners that have passed. The British have traditionally always been very charitable so I am sure this event will be very successful”.

If people want to get involved tickets can be pre purchased at for £5.

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