Source Marketing Direct to Attend Donald Trump’s National Achievers Congress

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  • 9th July 2012
Source Marketing Direct to Attend Donald Trump’s National Achievers Congress

Source Marketing Direct, London-based marketing and sales firm, have announced they will be attending Donald Trump’s National Achievers Congress this year in October.

Donald Trump, best known for his successful real estate career and in more recent years his television show ‘The Apprentice’, he is undoubtedly one of the most recognised business magnate’s of this time. Source Marketing Direct reveal Trump is estimated at a net worth of $2.5 billion and was placed in the Forbes top 100 Celebrity list this year.

Source Marketing Direct announced earlier this week their attendance this coming October at the National Achievers Congress in London which Donald Trump will be running with other speakers such as Peak Performance extraordinaire Anthony Robbins. The event is aimed at mentoring like minded business professionals to reach their full potential through empowerment. Source Marketing Direct, having had James Caan (UK entrepreneur best known for his success in the Recruitment Brand Alexander Mann and his subsequent role in Dragon’s Den), speak at an industry event earlier this year, is well versed in the benefits this ‘big picture’ mentoring can have on a business.

Source Marketing Directs’ Managing Director Hector Montalvo explains, “I made the decision to attend personally as well as take a handful of our best suppliers because I believe that personal and professional growth comes purely from educating oneself on perspective and outlook. Looking at yourself in two dimensions (educational level and experience level) is rudimentary. Developing your outlook and attitude towards work and life and challenges is what separates’ business successes like Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins from the rest of the pack, this is what value I hope to gain from the experience.”

Mentoring of this kind has many benefits for attendees, not only is the information invaluable when applied properly but as Source Marketing Direct have found the contacts and networking opportunities that develop are priceless. Hector Montalvo continued “Source Marketing Direct has always maintained a strong structure for networking within our industry, however these kind of opportunities help us take a step back and see success in many different industries which I have found in my personal experience to be really refreshing and stimulates my creativity.”

The National Achievers Congress takes place in ExCel London exhibition centre this coming October. Source Marketing Direct highly recommend the event to anyone who is looking to advance their business ventures or income.



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