MD Hector Montalvo Speaks at Business Development Event

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 6th August 2013
MD Hector Montalvo Speaks at Business Development Event

Managing Director Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct gives ‘Developing Managers’ speech at Business Development Event in London.  Hector Montalvo, managing director at Source Marketing Direct, spoke at the Business Development Workshop on Thursday 1st August, at London’s Guoman Hotel. The event was attended by 20 business owners who all have at least 3 trading businesses across the UK.

The Guoman Hotel is situated in one of London’s most prestigious locations, with a view overlooking the River Thames and the iconic Tower Bridge. Here, Hector Montalvo spoke about ‘Developing Managers’. According to an article by, a successful business is heavily reliant on an effective management team. Good managers are those who are able to make the right decisions to exploit potential business opportunities, as well as having ability to protect a business by anticipating and acting against any threats to its welfare. In his speech Montalvo addressed the notion of ensuring that positive habits are created early on in a manager’s development. This way, it will become habitual by the time they independently manage a business. “When people feel they have a lot of potential, they input greater actions which leads to greater results, which leads to a stronger belief in their abilities, generating the feeling they have even more potential to do more,” says Hector Montalvo, managing director at Source Marketing Direct.

During his 12 year ownership at the Source Marketing Direct, a London outsourced sales and marketing firm, Hector Montalvo has hosted numerous business conferences and meetings. He has extensive experience of the working processes and strategies in business within both the UK and US. Together with his expansive motivational speaking experience, he has delivered speeches to many entrepreneurs, business owners and clients, as well as business workshops, where he has offered advice and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

Source Marketing Direct is a London based outsourced sales and marketing firm who offer face-to-face event marketing methods, as this allows for measurable and quantifiable results for the firm. With offices in London, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Scotland, Merseyside and the North East, Source Marketing Direct work with national clients within the entertainment, non-profit and telecommunications industries. Having been established in the UK since July 2008, Source Marketing Direct are among Britain’s SME’s who have grown, despite the UK’s economic recession.