Source Marketing Direct reveal the links between sport and business

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 26th January 2021
Source Marketing Direct reveal the links between sport and business
Source Marketing Direct reveal the links between sport and business

Outsourced sales and marketing experts Source Marketing Direct are keen to promote the connection between sporting talent and entrepreneurial ability to ensure people are fulfilling their potential in both working environments.

The London-based firm have years of experience in the sales and marketing industry, and have witnessed first hand on numerous occasions how men and women from sporting backgrounds go on to make great entrepreneurs. This is because athletes are often tenacious, hard working individuals with a ‘never say die’ attitude. Their work ethic allows them to weather storms which will have sunk others, or caused them to throw the towel in. With these characteristics in mind, Source Marketing Direct have provided the 3 strongest connections between sport and business:

The ability of adapting to new situations

Source Marketing Direct believes that successful entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and acquire their objectives, all the while finding a way of surviving some of the toughest situations possible to encounter in business. Sportsmen and women share similar traits of adapting to new developments when situations on the field of play change in unforeseen circumstances. The outsourced sales and marketing specialists believe that preparation through extensive planning in business, and exhaustive training sessions in sport, results in individuals being ready for the twists and turns that are rife in both industries.

Seeing the bigger picture

Stepping back from small details, learning how to delegate, and seeing the bigger picture is almost a regular day occurrence for many athletes – especially for team captains in sport. Entrepreneurs need to match this with strategic and tactical big picture thinking, as usually people from large corporate environments tend to have specialised skills and adopt a single-minded approach. Many sports teams will sit down at the start of a season and outline their goals for the year ahead, and constantly benchmark their performances to their overall long-term goals. Putting strategy into action like this is an important characteristic for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders alike.

Moving on to the next challenge

Forget the last mistake and move onto the next challenge. Source Marketing Direct believe that sport and business both offer opportunities for redemption in the sense that missed chances to launch a new idea or service mirrors losing a tie break in tennis, for example. Indeed, if a person puts in a bad performance and loses the tennis match, there is an opportunity to demonstrate how the person has learned from any mistakes with a fresh start in a match the following week. Business is no different, opportunities come and go, the important thing is to demonstrate personal development the next time an opportunity comes around.

Hector Montalvo, Managing Director of Source Marketing Direct, is a strong advocate of transferring skills attained through sport into business environments, and like sport, the sales and marketing industry is a fast-paced environment with goal posts that are constantly moving.



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