Source Marketing Direct follows entrepreneurial trends

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  • 27th May 2010
Source Marketing Direct follows entrepreneurial trends

Consequential to the recession, trends are emerging among universities and businesses to offer more opportunities for the entrepreneurial. Source Marketing Direct discusses its training and opportunity in relation to these trends.

With the effects of the recession still lingering, the business world is adapting to new economical, political, technological and social influences. As AOL points out, one surprising trend is that ‘the number of businesses started during and after a recession actually goes up; Tough economic times inspire many people to finally get out there and start their own businesses.’ (, 2010).

Amazingly, even universities have responded to this trend with renowned universities here in the UK, as well as in the US, adapting their curriculum to incorporate a mode of study for the more entrepreneurial minded. As Forbes explains, the focus of this style of education is on developing entrepreneurial spirit; rather that following a strict curriculum, students are expected to follow their own path. ‘Mentorships, internships, and experiential learning are emphasized’ and rather than academics, lectures are hosted by successful entrepreneurs (, 2010).

Source Marketing Direct is an outsourced marketing company based in the UK that provides cost effective customer acquisition and retention solutions for their clients. Due to Source Marketing Directs’ success in 2009, their clients have asked them to open a further 25 offices in 2010 alone. In order to achieve this; an entrepreneurial mind set is one thing Source Marketing Direct requires and nurtures in all of its people. In return for providing outstanding service for their clients, Source Marketing Direct representatives have the opportunity to progress through the organisation to management level and run their own team, location, and portfolio. Following emerging trends Source Marketing Directs’ training is more suited to people with an entrepreneurial flair, significance is placed on mentors, networking with successful directors, and of course personal accountability in results.

Liverpool John Moore’s University highlights that there are many benefits for entrepreneurs including; a higher sense of achievement and personal fulfilment, control over success and a higher earning potential, and an increased autonomy in all areas of life (JMU, 2010). As the Metro reported on a front page article this past Tuesday (25/5/10), one in five 18 to 24 year olds in the UK are out of work and leaving university with an average debt of £23,000. These alarming statistics have encouraged more and more people from all ages and backgrounds to pursue opportunities that will give them more control of their careers and success.

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