Birmingham Sales Conference Guest Speaker Hector Montalvo Outlines Businesses Need to Invest Time in People to Improve Profits

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 30th April 2013
Birmingham Sales Conference Guest Speaker Hector Montalvo Outlines Businesses Need to Invest Time in People to Improve Profits

Even in today’s tough economic climate, Businesses report serious problems in recruiting good people with the right skills. Source Marketing Direct MD Hector Montalvo addressed the areas small business owners should invest their time and money to ensure growth and business success.

Source Marketing Direct’s Managing Director, Hector Montalvo appeared as a guest speaker at the Birmingham Sales Conference this weekend. Held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, the event saw over 120 attendees take advice and inspiration from the 6 speakers who addressed every-day issues faced by small business owners.  Montalvo spoke of working with the right people as a key area small business owners could benefit from if implemented correctly.

‘Investing in relationships with suppliers and contractors to grow your business is more cost-effective than trying to buy in skills and talent’ states Hector Montalvo.

Source Marketing Direct has representation in 6 UK markets and is in the process of targeting a further 2 locations in the coming months. Their growth throughout the UK recession has been attributed to Hector Montalvo’s investment in people and business strategies.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development state in a recent case study, ( recruiters advise attitude rather than experience should be the priority for companies. They claim if candidates have the right attitude, motivation and work ethic, the rest can be taught on the job, including technical skills. Source Marketing Direct’s MD agrees ‘It’s time for small businesses to emerge from the economic downturn with a fresh mentality where harnessing the benefits of a truly diverse workforce, through ambitious freelancers and suppliers is an everyday business practice’.

Hector Montalvo promoted the benefits contact workers can offer a business in his speech on Saturday. He stated ‘Freelancers can instantly provide advanced sales skills while being very cost-effective for a small business. Investing in the right freelancers can be hugely beneficial for sales growth and business development.’

Source Marketing Direct business partners attended the conference to see Montalvo speak and reported the information covered by all 6 speakers as ‘insightful’ and ‘progressive’. Overall feedback from the event suggests it provided relevant information and evoked excitement among the attendees.