Source Marketing Direct comment on the importance of having a great work ethic

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  • 15th May 2021
Source Marketing Direct comment on the importance of having a great work ethic.
Source Marketing Direct comment on the importance of having a great work ethic

Outsourced, direct sales & marketing company Source Marketing Direct believes that a strong work ethic is imperative to generate success. “Work ethic is the key attribute for success in any pursuit.” Proclaimed Managing Director, Hector Montalvo. 

The company recently investigated the key factors that contribute to a strong work ethic as they bid to encourage their workforce to integrate these elements into their daily routine.

Mr. Montalvo is an award-winning business owner, and he credits his work ethic for his success. The Source Marketing Direct director is a passionate business coach and mentor that relishes helping aspiring professionals to achieve their goals and reach their potential. The business leader takes a hands-on approach in the day-to-day business operations at Source Marketing Direct, offering regular coaching and mentoring sessions.

Currently based in Manchester and London, direct sales and marketing specialists, Source Marketing Direct have big expansion plans. Mr. Montalvo contends that instilling a strong work ethic in the firm’s workforce will be key to achieving their growth goals.

Source Marketing Direct Managing Director, Hector Montalvo decided to release a statement, detailing the attributes that create a strong work ethic.

Eliminate distractions

“A strong work ethic requires maximum productivity, and to achieve that, you need to eliminate distractions.” Stated Mr. Montalvo. The modern world is full of distractions. Distractions divert attention from what matters and negatively impact work ethic. At Source Marketing Direct, they teach their workforce to check their email only once or twice a day, turn off notifications and leave social media for when work is done.

Set your own standards

To instil a strong work ethic, it’s important that people become their own benchmark by setting their own standards.  “If you can set your own standards for what constitutes a great day, you’ll reach your goals quicker and be far more inspired to do so.” Stated Mr. Montalvo.


At Source Marketing Direct, accountability is one of the first things they teach their workforce. “To be successful, you need to set goals and to follow through on them; ‘it’s imperative that you hold yourself accountable.” States, Mr. Montalvo. Accountability plays a pivotal role in developing a strong work ethic as it demonstrates an individual’s ability to take responsibility for their actions.


Dedication is an integral element of building a strong work ethic as it demonstrates the willingness to go above and beyond to achieve a goal. The road to success is full of ups and downs, with a strong work ethic; individuals develop the dedication to complete the journey.

At Source Marketing Direct, they consider work ethic to be the most essential element for success. “You can have all the ability in the world, but without the work ethic, it’s impossible to achieve your potential.” Commented Mr. Montalvo.

Source Marketing Direct focuses on direct, face-to-face sales through event-based marketing and business-to-business solicitations. The firm are a privately owned, outsourced, direct sales & marketing company with over 17 years of experience. We concentrate on obtaining new customer acquisitions for a variety of clientele throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland. With big growth goals, Mr. Montalvo is urging the firm’s workforce to implement the above attributes.


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