Winners of the Source Marketing Direct Growth & Development Competition Travel to Venice

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 26th August 2014
Winners of the Source Marketing Direct Growth & Development Competition Travel to Venice

To reward and encourage those who have shown exceptional talent and growth, Source Marketing Direct have ran a competition over the last 3 month period offering a trip to Venice, Italy as the top prize.

Sales and marketing firm Source Marketing Direct are always looking for new ways to inspire those they work with, and develop them both personally and professionally. To further support this mission, the firm recently ran a competition as not only an incentive for individuals to develop their skills, but to show their appreciation of their hard work and effort.

The competition was open to employees, contractors and staff of all the small businesses who are mentored by entrepreneur and owner of Source Marketing Direct Hector Montalvo. Speaking of the reasoning behind the competition, Hector Montalvo was keen to find a way of rewarding overall hard work within the industry, there is more to it than just impressive sales figures ‘We wanted to run an incentive to prove that business growth is not just about sales, that the administration side of a company can really support growth and can contribute to the overall success of a company’.

The two winners of the competition were sent on an all-expenses paid trip to Venice, Italy. The North-eastern Italian city is renowned for its network of beautiful canals and rich culture. The famous piazza San Marco is home to many of the city’s most breath taking attractions such as St. Mark’s clock tower and St. Marks Basilica which with its gold mosaics and domed turrets has become an iconic symbol of Venetian fortune and power. The city is also famed for its art; nearly every church in the city houses a piece of major artwork, whilst the city is also home to some impressive art galleries and museums such as the Palazzo Ducale museum which holds masterpieces by the likes of Tintoretto and Veronese.

Incentives and competitions are a great way of supporting talent and building a strong workforce. For a business to succeed it requires all involved to work together towards the same goals. Incentives can encourage individuals to collaborate on projects in order to increase overall business productivity. Many workers in the current climate feel that their dedication and hard work may go unnoticed, therefore competitions and incentives are a good way of boosting staff morale and letting workers know that they are valued and appreciated within the business.