‘Is a degree really worth it?’ Source Marketing Direct Investigates

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 12th December 2020
‘Is a degree really worth it?’ Source Marketing Direct Investigates
‘Is a degree really worth it?’ Source Marketing Direct Investigates

With a record percentage of young people pursuing higher education this last year, outsourced sales and marketing company; Source Marketing Direct is investigating whether a degree is really worth it.

In 2018, a record 27.9% of the 18-year-old population in England were accepted through UCAS. However, with only 52% of graduates securing a graduate-level role within six months of graduation, London-based Source Marketing Direct is questioning whether a degree is worth the time.

The average UK graduate incurs more than £50,000 in debt from a three-year degree. The massive debts are becoming a growing concern as many people question whether university courses represent value for money, with annual tuition fees at £9,250. While there is no doubt that a degree is necessary for many occupations, Source Marketing Direct is investigating whether they are applicable for everyone.

Some of the biggest entrepreneurial success stories do not have a college degree. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates all took an alternative route to success, and that has become increasingly more appealing to the younger generation. Particularly millennials who have entrepreneurial aspirations.

Source Marketing Direct have a diverse workforce, including graduates, school leavers and career changers. While the firm fully appreciates the hard work that goes into achieving a degree, they have found that many graduates are not set up for life in the business world, with a lack of practical experience. College or university is all theoretical, and many graduates lack the practical experience and soft skills that lead to success in the sales and marketing field.

Outsourced sales and marketing experts Source Marketing Direct do not consider a degree to be an essential prerequisite to success, and this opinion has impacted their recruitment strategy. Rather than prejudging candidates on education, the firm look for a strong work ethic, student mentality and positive attitude.

Managing Director, Hector Montalvo believes that if companies exclude those without a degree, they are eradicating a considerable percentage of the talent pool, who could prove successful with the right coaching and training. Source Marketing Direct welcome candidates from all educational and occupational backgrounds.

Source Marketing Direct is currently looking to expand their talent pool. Send your CV to apply@sourcemarketingdirect.com.







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