Hector Montalvo Hosts Seminar for New Entrepreneurs in London

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 13th June 2013
Hector Montalvo Hosts Seminar for New Entrepreneurs in London

Managing Director of Source Marketing Direct, Hector Montalvo hosted a seminar for new entrepreneurs who want to further develop their own business skills. Held at the Guoman Tower Hotel at St. Katherine’s Way in London on Saturday, 8 June 2013 between 12:00 noon – 4:00 PM, the event provided guidance and motivation for start-up businesses.

The continuous growth experienced by London based firm, Source Marketing Direct, made entrepreneur and managing director of the company, Hector Montalvo the perfect host for the latest entrepreneur seminar. Developed for new business owners who want to gain ground in the direct sales and marketing industry, Montalvo invited many of the business owners he has mentored in recent years “The meeting was a great success”, says Hector Montalvo.   “It is amazing to see motivated entrepreneurs who want to learn and see the great potential of the direct sales and marketing sector”, explains Hector Montalvo.

During Saturday’s seminar, successful entrepreneurs were invited to speak on topics such as ‘Fast track to business ownership’, ‘Attributes of successful people’, ‘Common mistakes and how to avoid them’, Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mentality’ as well as ‘Building teams’. One of the speakers was Hector Montalvo himself, who has been running the successful and reputable business Source Marketing Direct for twelve years. In 2009, Hector Montalvo was rewarded with the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ for four years running, for leading in outstanding sales, quality and profitability. Furthermore, he received the ‘President’s Club Award’ in recognition of his outstanding organisational growth and leadership.

Despite the recent economic climate, up to 253,000 new companies have joined the ranks of Britain’s 4.6 million private sector businesses during the past year (shell.co.uk). Hector Montalvo is astonished by the amount of new talent looking to succeed in business.  The new breed of UK entrepreneurs seems determined, resilient and optimistic and do not consider blaming economic challenges for business failure (shell.co.uk). ‘I want to say a special thank you to our guest speakers, who each shared personal challenges they have overcome to succeed in business. They have shown anything is possible – very inspirational’ adds Hector Montalvo.

The seminar at the Guoman Tower Hotel was followed by a private dinner hosted by Gaucho at More London Riverside, one of London’s top restaurants. “We wanted to provide networking opportunities. The dinner was a great possibility to ask questions and talk to the speakers and other individual business owners in the organisation in a more intimate setting”, explains Hector Montalvo at Source Marketing Direct. Research confirms that the support most valued by 47% of the new generation of entrepreneurs is advice lent by existing business people. “The feedback has been great. Entrepreneurs who are planning to start up their own business were excited to meet with successful company directors from the sales and marketing industry who have started from scratch and worked their way up to become successful business leaders”, says Hector Montalvo.

Source Marketing Direct has high goals for the coming years. The direct sales and marketing company with offices currently in Greater London, Bedfordshire, the Midlands and Scotland, is planning to expand into further markets and develop the capacity to service international clients.