Source Marketing Direct’s MD Named ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’

  • AUTHOR: Guest
  • 24th June 2013
Source Marketing Direct’s MD Named ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’

Hector Montalvo was named the May ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ in the UK Outsourced Sales Industry and was rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip to Philadelphia to attend the Annual American Sales Awards on June 29th. 

Hector Montalvo was selected for the award for his work at Source Marketing Direct, which under his leadership has seen increased profits month on month since the beginning of 2013. The award was also in recognition of his efforts in mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs; since the beginning of the year for the first time entrepreneurs have set up businesses with the help of Hector Montalvo’s coaching. “It’s a huge honour to have been selected for the award,” said Hector Montalvo. “The American Sales Awards will be a fantastic occasion to meet successful business owners from around the world and gain valuable information and networking contacts. The USA is a great place to be an entrepreneur and it will be good to be back in the country where I first started out in business.” Hector Montalvo started his career in Boston, USA where he worked in marketing and sales before launching his business in 2001; Source Marketing Direct was incorporated in the UK in 2008 following Montalvo’s relocation to London.

The American Sales Awards will be held at the Kimmel Centre for the Performing Arts on Broad Street on June 29th 2013. The Kimmel Centre was opened in 2001 and is one of Philadelphia’s most engaging civic and conference centres. Over 3000 participants are expected to attend the awards ceremony, travelling from across the USA, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK. The awards will be presented to industry professionals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement over the last year. Award winners in previous years have ranged from owners of multiple businesses to high-achievers in the very early stages of their careers.  In true American style, there will also be motivational speeches given by top performers in the industry.

The reception after the event will also be held at the Kimmel Centre and will provide the opportunity to meet and greet; Source Marketing Direct’s MD Hector Montalvo is particularly looking forward to the networking opportunity. “Winning the ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ award has been fantastic, but I think meeting some of the more experienced entrepreneurs will make me realise how much work I still have to do. Networking, especially at international events such as these, helps entrepreneurs to gain new perspectives on situations as well as building valuable contacts,” said Hector Montalvo.

Source Marketing Direct has been established in the UK since 2008 and provides outsourced sales and marketing services for national clients in the entertainment, non-profit and telecommunications sectors.