Source Marketing Direct Aids Japan

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  • 18th March 2011
Source Marketing Direct Aids Japan

Japan is in a state of crisis after an earthquake and tsunami destroy the capitol and northeast coast leaving an estimated 10,000 people dead. Source Marketing Direct joins the rest and lends a hand.

Most recent reports estimate a death toll of over 10,000 people after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan late last week. The earthquake was measured at 8.9 in magnitude and hit just off the coast of Tokyo leaving the city and outlaying areas in ruin. The quake was so intense that almost instantaneously it created a tsunami which devastated nearly the entire North Eastern Coast of the country only hours later.

The country is now facing multiple threats. Scientists suspect another earthquake as tremors are still strong in and around the capitol, high radiation levels and exposure to radioactive chemicals after a major nuclear plant’s reactors exploded, no access to power, food and water, not to mention the hit to Japan’s economy (the third largest in the world).

BBC News reported Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan described the country’s condition as “the most severe crisis since World War II”. reported that over 91 countries have pledged support in one form of assistance or another; from food and blankets to tents and lights and medical equipment. Relief and Rescue teams have been flying in from all over the world to help with on ground efforts.

The United Kingdom was one of the first in line to help; initial support involved a 63 person fire service search and rescue specialist team with rescue equipment, two rescue dogs and a medical support team. Traditionally, Britain has always been very charitable, last year between Government and Public help, Britain donated over £20million to Haiti after the earthquake there.

So far 9 international humanitarian organisations are also involved in the reprieve; most likely this number will increase as the true damage becomes apparent in Japan. Source Marketing Direct is a small UK based direct marketing and sales firm that represents many groups in the charity industry. Hector Montalvo, Managing Director, announced this morning his wish to make a donation to aid in the effort. He said “It has hit very close to home for us. As a business that is responsible for branding as well as acquiring donors for some of the largest charitable organisations in the UK, we of course want to help in any way we can. I will make a cash donation myself and have this morning announced that I will match any contribution made by one of our team members here at Source Marketing Direct pound for pound.”

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