Source Marketing Direct Recommend Event Marketing

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  • 2nd December 2011
Source Marketing Direct Recommend Event Marketing

Source Marketing Direct, London based marketing and sales firm, have operated successfully in the business-to-business market since 2009. This month, Source Marketing Direct added event marketing to their portfolio

After a successful year within the business-to-business sector, Source Marketing Direct is looking to ensure continued success in 2012 with the addition of an events service. Incorporating some event marketing campaigns will mean that Source Marketing Direct can conduct their branding and customer acquisitions at venues in London in addition to the current campaigns they run. The service is designed to access a new type of customer for their clients, beyond the traditional campaigns Source Marketing Direct has used since they entered the market in 2008.

The benefits of event marketing are significant and the method has seen an increase in customer acquisitions of 25 per cent in the first six weeks of operation.

Benefits of Event marketing include the ability to start a two way conversation, research has always indicated people like to be spoken with and conversed, not sold too. While Source Marketing Direct has always provided face to face services in their campaigns, allowing a two way conversation, what is specific to Events is that the venue provides a mutual territory where conversation and education for the customer can be provided.

Following on from this, personal communication builds trust so being able to provide an educational and memorable experience for customers allows this trust to extend beyond the representative and to the actual brand. Brand identity and Brand loyalty are two areas that Source Marketing Direct aims to measure for clients moving forward.

Another benefit it that events allow the immediate fulfilment of prospect requests. Customer’s questions can be addressed on the spot; they can observe demonstrations or set up accounts.  The ability to set up displays in store and promote through visual merchandising as well as through a Source Marketing Direct Independent Advisor can help create further brand awareness.

While Source Marketing Direct has seen positive results so far in the first 6 weeks they will be looking to keep a close eye on the development of the event campaign throughout the New Year. Hector Montalvo,  Source Marketing Direct’s CEO commented “Starting an in-store campaign approaching the Christmas season means that our initial results are going to be slightly skewed. Retail sales always peak at this time of year, so it would make sense that our event based sales will as well. I am not worried about the New Year, I believe the benefits to events far outweigh any negatives. It may just mean we need to work a little closer with our client to make sure the venues remain in high traffic areas, and our displays and efforts continue to wow customers!”

Source Marketing Direct will expand their event strategy to three additional UK cities by the second quarter of 2012.



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