Source Marketing Direct Take A Look at The Values of Leading from Within

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 13th January 2020
Source Marketing Direct Take A Look at The Values of Leading from Within
Source Marketing Direct Take A Look at The Values of Leading from Within

Leadership is a complex skill. Many contributing factors lead to excellent leadership skills, and what’s more, is that not everyone has these qualities. Some skills can be learned, and leadership styles can also vary. London-based customer acquisitions agency, Source Marketing Direct aims to topple the hurdles of becoming a great leader by understanding their individuals and getting on with the notion that everyone is different.

“We’ve been working for the last ten years on developing leaders in our industry, and we have the understanding and the ability to be able to coach entrepreneurs to be successful. Our program is aimed at developing these skills specifically,” claimed Mr Hector Montalvo, Managing Director at the firm. 

“We have mentorship sessions and workshops every week that focus on the skills needed as well as giving the chance to practice these skills that need to be applied,” he added.

Source Marketing Direct have found, over time, that certain qualities have been working for leaders with the highest success rates.

Be calm

In such a fast-paced industry, it can be easy to let pressure ‘win’. However, through experience and thorough understanding of certain situations, it’s easier to remain calm. Leaders who act as an umbrella and stay calm under pressure can produce better results with their team and are able to get the job done.

Be neutral

Having no biases and making sure not to let harsh opinions show in times that are tough – and good times, is a very impressionable trait to have. This way, leaders can identify with more team members and individuals; and through this, can achieve goals set out. 

Have industry knowledge

It may seem fairly obvious; however, it’s a critical point. Those in leadership positions need to show a level of understanding about their industry and product knowledge to come across as trustworthy and confident.

Understand boundaries

What Source Marketing Direct also understands, is that for leaders to be effective, there needs to be a discretionary level that respects certain boundaries. With limitations set, there can be transparent role management which in turn leads to effective campaign management.

The above traits are all things that Source Marketing Direct wants to continue to leverage. Leaders can successfully lead their teams to produce great results, and self-development of each individual improves tenfold.

Source Marketing Direct is on the lookout for the next generation of effective leaders. If you are a self-starting entrepreneur with the ability to manage yourself, send your resume to today.

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