Source Marketing Direct investigate the importance of building trust

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 7th February 2020
Source Marketing Direct investigate the importance of building trust
Source Marketing Direct investigate the importance of building trust

Public Trust is hard to come by today. We are continually being bombarded by disinformation coming at us in a myriad of formats; the internet, the television, the radio, the newspapers, the magazines and by our colleagues. This misinformation results in a lot of anxiety and mistrust in today’s society. From religious leaders to our government, we are being fed this type of uninformed knowledge on a constant basis. The question is, how can a business or community leader establish trust in the public eyes? How can one regain the public’s trust while at the same time reducing the anxiety so prevalent in today’s society?

The Managing Director of Source Market Direct Mr Hector Montalvo says “There are specific actions that us as leaders can take to prove to the public that they can be trusted and ethical whether that would be to offer ROI or guaranteed results. It could even be coming through on a promise. The key is doing what you say you’re going to do, time after time.”

To demonstrate integrity and dependability, Mr Montalvo believes that one of the steps to gain the public’s trust when selling is to relate to them through personal anecdotes of experiences they have personally experienced.

Personal anecdotes demonstrate a person actions and experiences fit into a broader picture of what they were trying to achieve: tales showing a person’s integrity and dependability – or about the product or service being offered. Anecdotes show how a person’s actions and experiences had helped improve their quality of life as well as others. Anecdotes display concrete examples of how a person’s efforts were competent, ethical, and trustworthy.

The misinformation permeating today’s societies has created a lot of anxiety which has led to mistrust, depression, and even suicide. This can be reversed. Mr Montalvo believes that there is a way to rebuild societies trust. A way to reduce anxieties and to display a leader’s competence in an honest and ethical manner. That by displaying authenticity and integrity through one’s actions, one’s dependability will be seen by all as authentic and ethical. This trust will result in the company’s efficiency, creativity and productivity. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on an organizations financial bottom line.

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