Source Marketing Direct and Selfridges: The Customer is King!

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  • 15th February 2012
Source Marketing Direct and Selfridges: The Customer is King!

It was the late Harry Gordon Selfridge who coined the term ‘the customer is always right’. Source Marketing Direct uncovers how refining the customer experience can increase the business’ bottom line.

In the beginning of the 20th century after revolutionising the British Retail Industry with luxury retail brand ‘Selfridges’ Harry Gordon Selfridge coined the term ‘the customer is always right’.  Source Marketing Direct have found that since offering a more personalised, event based, direct marketing service for their clients, the customer experience has been more educational, informative and structured resulting in increased customer acquisition. Marketing Week reveal in depth case studies on Hilton Worldwide, TGI Fridays, More Than and Ryan Air and how each brand since investing into the ‘customer experience’ all in different ways, have increased their revenues. The changes made ranged from website development to make online sales more user-friendly, training frontline staff for face to face service, and focussing on core business values such as price and punctuality, the end result was a better customer experience which generated increased revenues across the board. Source Marketing Direct reviews relevant business practices in multiple industries to uncover how refining the customer experience can increase the business’ bottom line.

Mike Ashton, senior vice president for international brand management at Hilton Worldwide, spent 18 months researching over 250 competitor hotels to show that creating a positive customer experience was paramount to the hotel’s profitability. The consequential ‘rebrand’ in customer services at Hilton Worldwide resulted in taking the market lead position in every market outside of the United States of America. Source Marketing Direct used a similar approach to the Hilton Worldwide group in that the changes were primarily with the face to face arm of the brand, and coveted mainly from best practices in the industry.

Hector Montalvo of Source Marketing Direct says “Selfridge was undoubtedly a pioneer in his field, and while the idea of the ‘customer always being right’ is something that you hear being thrown around in every business, it is an altogether different business practice using this concept to drive profitability. At Source Marketing Direct we have always provided face to face services so a positive customer experience has always paramount to our clients expectations, however I have seen notable increases in the volume, and quality of the customer acquisitions we complete since moving to a venue sales approach”.

Source Marketing Direct not only believe the ‘customer is king’ but are following leading business practices with brands such as Selfridges and Hilton Worldwide to ensure that the customers experience is above and beyond that of usual circumstance. Source Marketing Direct has developed an approach with customers that are more informative, more educational and more personalised in venue event locations.



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