Source Marketing Direct Look Closely at Leadership Techniques

  • AUTHOR: Source Marketing PR
  • 5th March 2020
Source Marketing Direct Look Closely at Leadership Techniques
Source Marketing Direct Look Closely at Leadership Techniques

Being in business means that, as an owner, leadership skills are essential. Not only that, but the ability to inspire your team to do more is also a major necessity in today’s landscape. Source Marketing Direct is a London-based marketing agency that are on track to fill their teams with leader of the highest calibre to create amazing results for their clients.

“Take a look at good company culture, it comes from the top. That’s why we want to continue to generate teams that are full of leaders who inspire one another and continue to produce the great results we have been seeing,” stated Mr Montalvo, managing director at the firm. “This has been something we’ve been working on ever since we got into business over ten years ago,” he added.

Source Marketing Direct has taken note from other industry leaders and have techniques to share that could help others in their respective businesses:

Be clear

Being clear, concise and to the point with any of your goals has advantages. The transparency that its creates means individuals can easily set benchmarks and reach their goals.

Be confident

By being confident, individuals will portray leadership and take control of their career. It’s something that doesn’t come easy to all, however in time this can develop.

Be tolerant

There are situations that arise that will require individuals to be tolerant. That’s why when leaders talk about uncomfortable situation and get them out in the open, they usually get resolved fairly quickly. The tolerance is not talking about these things until the right time and place.

Be transparent

By inspiring confidence and trust as well as a form of inspiration. Being transparent with tasks, goals, and everything that goes on within the business is an absolute must for all leaders.

Be thoughtful of timing

Thinking about the right timing is important, this would include how many situations can be dealt with to the schedules that the firm has in place.


Listening to criticism isn’t fun but it’s something that leaders need to be able to do in order to develop themselves and move forward having corrected any faults. It’s about resolving issues but also listening to praise.

Use tone wisely

Tone of voice is a powerful tool that can be used by individuals to become assertive and to the point when needs be. Having the right emotional intelligence can help with the adaptation of tone in varying situations.

Throughout the business development program Source Marketing Direct use these principles to develop talented entrepreneurs and the results speak for themselves. The firm is always looking out for the next group of leaders to join their team of successful individuals. If you’re in London and believe you have what it takes to produce consistent and excellent results, send your CV to today!


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